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हुनरमंद (The Talented Ones)

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Road To Success

Life is beautiful, live it with full vigor Some day or the other, things will be better Hurdles will come and pass by What you need is to overcome the pressure Watching others will do no good Minding your own progress is in fact what matters Running for greed will only harm your existence Instead, pursuing perseverance is far better There is no age limit to chase your dreams You can always be a go-and-getter Acting with commitment and dedication holds the key The encouraging results will inspire you forever Let your dear ones be your strength Do not let them make you weaker Always use their love as your motivation Their support can leave you with an ultimate pleasure The road to success is not that rosy Instead, you ought to make it rosier You need to be tough, sturdy and stubborn Only your determination can groom you as a leader   © Mohammad Atif

Childhood Desires

My Mom Says I Am A Bit Shy As I Don’t Come Out When The Guests Pass By But, They Could Also Visit My Room After All, I Am A Cutie Pie As Cute As A Button, I Am The Apple Of Everyone’s Eye Now That I Have Done My Homework Should I Go Upstairs And Let The Kite To Fly? Oops! Can’t Fly The Kite, I Wonder Why They Say I Am A Child, That’s Why So What Could I Do As A Child? Yes! I Can Count The Stars In The Sky But, Is It Worth Counting The Stars? May Be I Could Discover Another Sky Where I Could Locate My Own Stars To Make Stargazers Feel Jealous Of My Try But I Don’t Want To Make Any One Jealous I Only Want Myself To Fly High Should I Spread My Hands Like A Bird’s Wings And Bid The Earth Tata, Bye-Bye But, What If I Fall Down And Get Hurt? It Will Make My Parents Cry Finally, I Have Decided To Stay In My Room And Enjoy Doraemon On Tata Sky © Mohammad Atif

This Heartless World

Those flags and fires Burn me a lot from inside When I wish for peace, I get wars and riots The world has become a boiling pot where Your happiness is persistently being tested and tried The fight for dominance is never ending It keeps flying like a reckless kite If you do not want any such spat Better hide yourself in the dark of night Vested interests will seldom come to a halt So why not keep consuming fake news bite If it creates commotion anywhere around Avoid the woundeds, deads, and the orphans’ plight Learn to be heartless, shed off your tears Nowadays, emotions are a rare sight Don’t mind if you encounter red stains in the vicinity Instead of blood, it could be tomato sauce, am I right? The thought of happy days is just an illusion That will remain unfulfilled till the time infinite If you really aspire seeing genuine smiles all over Wait for heaven, coz chances in this life are not that bright   © Mohammad Atif    

Peace of Mind

Whatever you think is not  Always possible to happen It is your behaviour that can  Take you to hell or heaven Why are you so restless,  Why are you so impatient Whatever is in your fate, your will get it,  Whether odd or even Running after money  Will only tend you to lose your peace Listening to your heart  Will keep your relaxed Twenty Four-Seven So keep your calm, be patient And leave behind your aggression May be your anger  Help you get concession But in the long run, it will compel  To leave behind your prized possessions Your family, your loved ones, your friends All will part ways one day If you adopt the policy of suppression Live and let live should be your sole moto Only then can you achieve salvation.  © Mohammad Atif  

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Are you new to affiliate marketing? If yes, let's shake hands. I am also a newbie in this stream. But the greed to earn some additional income has tempted me to be an Affiliate marketer off late. Yes, now I am an Amazon Associate and looking forward to getting the intended benefits from this platform. You can also join it and monetize your sites. However, as Rome was not built in a day, your monetisation regime will also take considerable time to materialize. Still, to reach heights, starting is necessary and this is what I am doing right here. This my first amazon associates link What about you?

Do You Write Your Thoughts Often? If Not, This Is Perhaps The Best Time

With Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, the entire world has come to a standstill. Big MNCs and even Public sectors are asking their workers to work from home. For bloggers like me, it is a regular affair but the same does not hold for regular office goers. So, what is keeping you busy at home? Do you work online throughout the day or get distracted by social media? Moreover, if you have no official work at all and have not received any 'work from home' instruction either, so what is your schedule? Do you engage yourself in the household works? It is great if you do that, but still you will have much time left. Well! Writing is one interesting stuff you could do to avert the monotony and who knows, it could help to you discover the so far hidden talent. So, what to write? That's up to you. Anything that appeals your heart, enthralls your senses and attracts your mind is worthy to be written. Most of the times, I do not know what to write. I simply open my M