Now Search the results by Date and Time via Google Search Tools

search tools

While having a date with my laptop’s keypad to type words for previous articles, How to know the publications date of a web page and An Unofficial Inspection into Google’s Advanced Search Parameters, I kept on wondering why Google does not contain any official feature exclusively meant for this facility.

Thankfully, the search engine giant finally came up to the rescue of my anxiety with its newly introduced ‘Search tools’ feature. Interestingly, besides time based searches, it lets you fetch the results through numerous other criterion as well. So lets be friends with it to seek its help in our future endeavors; After all, A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!

Where to look for it?

search tools

You can check this out this new feature right below the search bar, as the right most option with the name ‘Search tools’.  As you click it, few new options will appear in a spur of moment

search tools

The Web: Fetches results from your country or from the entire web as per your wish

Any time: Clicking on any of its options gives results according to that selected time, such as the result since past hour, past week etc.

All results: As you click this option, you get the chance to shake hands with many new options. Click any one to find favorable results, such as ‘sites with images’, ‘related searches’ and so on.

Location: As you can see, it auto-detects your current location or asks you to set a new one of your choice.

search tools

Overall it is an interesting initiative by Google. I liked it and am even trying to love it until I get another more capable feature for the same purpose. Jokes apart, if you are also a search geek like me and were longing to have an advanced search facility, free of manual inputs as mentioned in my previous posts, then this one is sure to bring smiles on your lips and let your face glow like a newly-wed bride. Happy Googling!!!