The Mysterious Ping Pong Ball – A Thrilling Short Story


On Tom’s first birthday, his father, Victor gifted a Ping-Pong ball, and the routine continued till his fourth b’day. In the fifth year, Victor gifted a color book, but Tom insisted on Ping-Pong ball. The next year, the father gifted some other toy, but the child still insisted on Ping-Pong ball. Tom’s fondness for the ball continued and Victor had to manage it anyhow to gift him on his son’s birthday ever year. 

Ping pong ballAs Tom was about to turn 18, he demanded Ping-Pong ball yet again, but Victor was adamant this time. He couldn’t stop asking the reason behind his son’s fondness for the Ping-Pong ball. However, Tom didn’t disclose why he was so much in love with the ball. Just few days before his birthday, Tom, who was a young man by now, suffered an unknown disease. He sensed that his last moments are not far away. So on his birthday, he accepted to reveal the reason behind his love for the ball to his father. Unfortunately, before he could start, he died! 

As a silver lining, he left a letter written in Chinese language. Drenched in sorrow, Victor could not control his emotions for his son’s sudden demise. It took him few days to recover from the shock after which he took out that letter but was miffed not to understand the language. He was desperate to know what his son had written during his dying moments. At the same time, he was also curious to know why his young son still wanted Ping-Pong.

Ping pong ball
He tried to consult many people who knew Chinese language, but to no avail. He even asked his Chinese friends, and they suggested him to approach old Chinese people, who would probably be aware of that manuscript. Dejected yet determined, he went to China in the wake of finding at least one senile person who could read out the letter. He showed the letter to the old taxi driver on his way from Airport to the hotel. The driver stopped the taxi instantly, stepped out, stood beside a bus coming at a high speed from the other side, and committed suicide!

Amazed, Victor also stepped out and strolled around to some distance while he found an old monk sitting underneath an old looking tree. Victor requested him to read out the letter for him. The monk took the letter and started reading. He continued to sit in that position till a long time. Finding something suspicious, as Victor touched the monk, he slipped down like a reckless tree. He was Dead! All this was too much to test Victor’s patience level.

Ping pong ball
The other day, Victor was on the rooftop of the 25-storey building of his hotel, admiring the beauty of Beijing. There, he became friends with an aged person who also came there to have a glimpse of the city. Victor believed this old man would definitely help him. But the moment that gentleman saw the letter, he jumped from the roof and died. All this was exaggerating an in fact unbearable, Victor couldn’t keep his calm any more.

Still determined to get the meaning of the letter, he started learning Chinese from the best teacher in China and returned to his country after mastering the language. While few  days passed on, Victor thought to read the letter himself. He came out in the open to go through it amid fresh air. Yet not satisfied, he went to the seashore near his house to read the letter in a tranquil environment. Trying to be some more adventurous, he hired a boat to read the final words of his son in between the sea. While he reached the mid of the sea, he finally decided it as the right time to read the letter.

The moment Victor took out the letter from his pocket and tried to read out, a cool and quick breeze came in and made the letter to fly away from his hands. The mystery remains unsolved yet!