Getting started with FACEBOOK!

Mohammad Atif-Facebook
Facebook is gaining a lot of popularity among the netizens from all around the world and the site indeed deserves such recognition. It has its users spread from almost all the big and small nations, and is a much better place to include the family members, friends, peers and colleagues, all at one place.

All you need is a Facebook account and a password to get bang on your target.

Speak your mind

At Facebook, you can speak your mind on the its home page and allow others to comment on your status. If you like a particular post, image or a video or something similar, you can always express your admiration for it by clicking on 'like' link.

Something for everyone

There are a plenty of games in the stores for you to play on this unique social networking site, alongside, you can participate in various interesting quiz applications, can upload images, music videos, and share the same with your friends. If you are a business person or want to promote a group of yours, you can even create a personalized fan page, but for that you need to have at least 100 members in your group. Even If you are a chat freak, Facebook is the place to be. To add further, you can also send and receive private messages.

Is it Safe and Secure?

Even for security reasons, Facebook is considered to be a better option among the other social networking sites. Just imagine a situation where you are signing in to your facebook account after a long gap and that also from a computer other than your own. The sophisiticated features in the site will instantly prompt the message that you may not be the authentic user. The site starts bombarding a flurry of profile images of your friends from your own account and asks you to identify them. You fail to identify the images; they fail to allow you the access to the account, simply great, isn't it!

What else?

Facebook also accompanies myriad other exceptional and interesting features that keep you glued to its homepage. Talking about me, this is the prime social networking site, I have been using since more than a year or so, and baring few occasions it has never disappointed me.

The Real book of varied Faces

If you have ever noticed closely, Facebook emphasizes on the faces rather than the whole body, be it to add your profile pic or you want to tag someone in an image. Most probably this is the main reason why is it called the FACEBOOK, as it is in real the book of multilingual, multicultural and multi-traditional faces engulfing in its clutch the netizens from all the zones of the globe.
Happy Facebooking to all!!!



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