Google Instant Search – Best for users, better for the service providers

Mohammad Atif-Instant
Google Instant has been a new entrant to hit the online search engine world with a bang. Of course, this newly created feature is here to stay for a long time, after all it is the outcome of joint efforts of some 14 odd technologies and innumerable tech savvy computer engineers employed at Google.

Persistent Innovations at Google

Way back in the early 90's when Sergery Brin and Larry Page dreamt of making the entire world a global village, everyone turned their backs to them. Now, in 2010 same turning guys would love themselves or their kids to join Google, thanks to its creative team with a bucket full of enthusiasm. Coming back to Instant search, indeed, this is the result of yet another sophisticatedly carried out research at Google Inc.

Hey! What is Google Instant Search?

Wonder what the Google Instant Search does...????? Well I too was inquisitive for the same until I used it on my own system and I found it damn good. It gives you the power to make your desired search with least typed words, and moreover you get the results as you type. This supersedes the age old method where we used to type the complete keyword and then press the Enter key to get the desired output. Overall, you can save a respectable 5-6 seconds from this feature as Google Instant takes barely 2-3 seconds in accomplishing a search successfully as compared to 9-10 seconds for an average search made otherwise. More time saved, doubtlessly lead to more benefits, both in terms of time and money and I bet, you don't differ at least on this note.

How about searching Lara Croft...?

I checked this feature myself to see its relevance as a user and for that I decided to search for Lara Croft. Now c'mon, you know who's she and at least don't tell me that you don't know who is Angela Jolie. What??? seriously you don't know...ok let me tell you that Lara Croft is a fictional female character who fights against all odds for the truth, same as Spiderman, Batman...or if you have ever seen the Indian Television, the very famous Shaktiman. There have been some Hollywood films as well on Lara Croft where your very own Angelina Jolie dawns the role of the protagonist.

Ok now..its enough!, lets come back. I just opened and started typing my keyword, Lara Croft. Surprisingly the search engine generated fresh results with every single alphabet I typed in. By the time I type 'Lara', the search prediction in the search bar started to show Lara Croft along with 4 other options. As soon as I typed 'C' for Croft after pressing the spacebar, my desired search was bang on the target. To my amusement, Lara Croft was all over the search page in almost every form, be it the images, youtube videos or the general search result with wikipedia as always, topping the search results. I wonder how do these 'wiki' fellows manage to be on the top throughout all these years...whatever!

google instant

All that glitters is not gold...mind it!

Seeing is believing and now I believe that now my laptop have a search engine that I could boast of undoubtedly as being the best. But, 'Tom Cat' has to be there wherever the 'Jerry Mouse' is and so are some of the shortcomings that accompany this entrancing Google invention. From user's point of view the Google Instant is very fruitful in producing the results in a spur of moment. However as far as the service providers are concerned, it is a bit cumbersome.

Confused??? I'll explain you why. Since a long time, the SEO and PPC guys have been working on similar age old strategies to muster topnotch rankings for their client websites on the major search engines, Google being the premiere of all those. This latest innovation will need them to get into their skins, pull up their socks and fire all the cylinders to be on the top of the SERP, otherwise, the client is sure to fire them. This seems a bit too harsh but in the coming future, things might well go those adverse ways if we continue with our obsolete SEO strategies. The same goes with PPC managers. They also need to work even harder to match the search result demands of Google Instant.

What about Content Writers?

Hey! What about content writers?? I wish they are not compelled to write articles on 'Lara C' instead of 'Lara Croft', that would definitely be a torture. But I guess things won't deteriorate that much either, and even the service providers will be able to gain a lot from Google instant Search. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something better to happen, if not the best.

The real instant coffee!
Overall, Google Instant is indeed more fast than an Instant Coffee. Sip it, taste it and enjoy it... Good bye for now!