Social Networking sites-A Breeze of fresher air in the modes of communication

Social Networking sites have given all of us just too many reasons to widen our smiles. Not far back, mails and telephones were the only mediums to communicate with our near and dear ones, but thanks to this innovative technology we call as internet, the whole world has become a global village with each of us being merely flew clicks away from each other.

The flood of social Networking sites

The era that commenced from 2005 till now has been the bulk of scorer in introducing a profusion of social networking sites all around the world and the saga still continues. The internet has become the most preferred mode of communications, thanks to these social networking sites with facebook, twitter, orkut, myspace, bebo, meebo, flickr, hi5 among those topping the popular charts. They are doubtlessly becoming inseparable part of our lives capturing the best part of our day, every day, day by day. Children, grownups, professionals, grandpas, and grannys, all are included among the tail long list of the regular visitors to these sites.

My take

Since a long time I was thinking about sharing my experiences about these sites through my blog. Luckily, that much awaited time has arrived at last. Here I would describe in brief about certain popular and not so popular social networking sites in a series of articles. For now, the first of them is on its way in the form of Facebook, the site that has defined new boundaries of social networking