Search Engines – Promising the most pleasant traffic jams on the earth

mohammad atif
The significance of SEO

Search engine optimization has been playing a deciding role in accentuating the search page rankings of the websites since the recent few years via the popular search engines. In the chronicle times, people were by and large dependent on the tri-media, namely the TV, newspaper and radio to advertise their business. But at present, it is the worldwideweb which is acting as the
powerhouse for the small and big businesses and is enabling them to gain exponentially through the efficient SEO techniques.

The problem

You can use a flurry of those SEO methods to ensure that your website supersedes all the others and snatches the topmost position on Google as well as on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Alexa and many more. Mostly, the SEO professionals adopt all the necessary SEO strategies to bolster the site rankings but despite of their painstaking efforts, the site ceases to fair well on the search engines baring one or two and hence is unable to drive the intended traffic towards your site.

The Reason

Such an anomaly arises mainly due to the fact that while doing the SEO for websites, all the search engines where you want higher rankings are not considered and only some, preferably Google is targeted. The searching trends depend on a plethora of varied factors that may include the location, language preference, the nature of website, look and feel, keywords and phrases, its readability in terms of content and so on. Missing even one of them could hinder your site's rankings.

The probable solution

Having an in-depth knowledge of all the leading search engines is the foremost necessity for being a good SEO and is probably the best solution to get higher SERP. Talking about location, the search behaviors may vary from one place to other, if I prefer to search for latest blackberry mobile on Google, some other user sitting in USA may do it on yahoo or Bing.
It is therefore better to research about your product on all the known search engines that could be used by your targeted audience and zero-in the keywords that are common in all of them. Besides, as being an adept SEO, you should also be aware of the strategies being leveraged by various search engines for crawling. They keep on updating their algorithms, or the search bots to accommodate the updated information on a particular topic.


Search engines definitely hold the capability to produce the traffic that is the most awaited by the website owners unlike the traditional traffic we experience on the roads, but merely fetching high rankings on one or two search engines is still the half work done. To the contrary, working persistently on all those that are religiously leveraged by the potential users to perform their search is the key to success. So next time, while performing the SEO for your site, keeping in mind the above mentioned tips may be of considerable help in rearing fruitful results on the search engines. Best of luck!