Tips for Blog Promotion

It definitely shows if you are an experienced SEO professional, you can promote your blog in the best possible manner. The problem arises when you are a newbie and are keen to promote your blog.

Still a challenge for the beginners

For beginners, it is a daunting task to promote their blog among the most concerned audiences so as to gain sufficiently either in the business or in the adsense revenues. There is no way other than to rely on a detailed study and thorough research to find out all those important things that can help you popularize your blog.

Valuable tips to promote your blog

Just to save your time, I have managed to do an intense research and have come out with the below mentioned points. Hope it helps!

  1. Try to post at least 3 articles in a week on your blog
  2. Include relevant keywords that could support your article
  3. Provide the readily used keywords in labels and tags while posting the article on your blog
  4. Give meaningful title and description that go along nicely with your article
  5. Try to optimize the image by providing relevant keywords in the Alt attribute & image name
  6. Search the online forums that relate to the theme of your blog and post your link after proper registration
  7. Submit the URL of your blog to all the leading search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, altavista, ask and more
  8. Use various social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin for blog promotion which is also  termed as blogging 2.0
  9. Take one or more articles from your blog and submit them on some genuine article directories such as ezinearticles, hubpages, or buzzle
  10. Try to provide the link of your blog to as many site directories as possible
  11. You can also submit your blog to various blog directories such as blog catalog
Don't expect overnight changes

By taking care of all these points you will be able to notice appreciable changes in the viewership of your blog.  However, don't expect overnight changes since it takes time for the online blog-promotionsociety to know about your presence on the world wide web.

Be Original

Google and other search engines only cache your webpage if they find some relevant content.So be sure to post an original and authentic article, a copy-paste would do no good towards popularizing your blog, believe me!


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