The Traits of a Quality Content Writer

Throughout my blog, I have been describing all the social media optimization techniques and have written about the pros and cons of the popular social networking sites. Just for a change, let us give a twist to the topic and try to touch the deeper waters in the ocean of content writing through this article.

Content Writing- An art, more than a financial source

For most, content writing could just be a source of rearing monetary benefits in the form of monthly salaries if in a job or freelance remunerations if operating a business.  But I bet, it is much more than that. How often do you try to pen down your thoughts that could have brought an exemplary revolution in the society? Content writing holds a dominating power to contribute significantly for the betterment of the society, if you are ready to go few steps ahead and refuse to dawn the slavery of keywords. But only few are akin to such an idea, unfortunately.

SEO aspect of Content Writing  

Just like creativity cannot be taught in the classrooms, the same holds true for content writing. You need to be prompt and immensely creative in your ideas that you wish to portray through your content. Even if you are working for any of your clients, you can easily draft a creative and engaging content, braided beautifully in the rosary of words, yet giving full justice to its SEO aspect. As they say, ‘Practice indeed makes a man perfect’, likewise, persistent writing efforts make a content writer perfect.

Quality content writing rules the world 

Content is King, and it depends solely on you to maintain the kingly appearance of content
with your surpassing writing abilities. It hardly takes any extra effort to perform such a coveted task with sheer excellence. All you need is to be a good student of content writing and a fervent researcher of fresh and appealing words. If you are dexterous enough to follow all these tips, you are sure to come out with quality content, intelligently mixed with the desired SEO keywords that could help your client to rear the intended benefits from his online business.


  1. Very well written. The article itself is a compliment to the writing skills that you want to express. Content writing itself is a big task and an art to express the complete feelings that one would not be able to express verbally. The perfect blend of words and the format of writing you have presented is commendable.

  2. Hi This blog like it very use full for SEO person

  3. Hi Mr.Atif,

    Liked your honest writing style and the knowledge on the subject.I hope you always afford to survive as a content writer and not become a content marketer. Sure, you will succeed in becoming what you desire for if you keep your honesty in writing untouched :)


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