Microsoft Ad Center: Microsoft’s foray into the depths of Paid Search Marketing

Not always can Google or Yahoo dominate over the worldwide web, there are many others who keep on posing serious threats to their elite position in the market, Microsoft’ Ad Center is the foremost of them.

How is it benficial? 

The innovative ways Microsoft has leveraged to compete with the giants in the internet marketing field are indeed commendable. By seeking its assistance in your paid search engine marketing campaign through Bing, you can:
  • Keep a regular check on your own campaign regarding its budget.
  • Comfortably set up your own campaign.
  • Easily monitor the benefits you are gaining from the Microsoft PPC ads.
  • Make desirable amendments depending on the performance of ads.
  • Reach out to the intended demographic and geographic locations by utilizing the capabilities of its business intelligence tools.
  • Now also import the PPC ad campaigns being run on Google or Yahoo without any complications.

Connection with Yahoo!

In the year 2010, both Yahoo and Microsoft have joined forces to compete with Google in this war of the millennium to fetch unprecedented returns through their PPC ad campaign. But to start with, the collaboration is restricted to few selected worldwide locations only. 

But why?

The need for such an alliance became evident in the wake of Yahoo’s quench to rejuvenate its slow paced paid search engine marketing campaign and Microsoft’s intentions to make it
big in the global arena via Bing, since it is still new in the business as compared to the rests. However, whether or not they will be able to penetrate through the concrete clientele of Google is still a question.

The requisite charges

Yes, you guessed it right, to start your paid search marketing campaign at Microsoft adcentre, you would need to shed off a little bit of your pocket to pay for your membership. Later expenses would be dealt with as per the severity of your paid ad campaign.


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