Knowing the basics of Article marketing

Certain noteworthy points need to be taken care of while utilizing the might of Article marketing for website promotion.  Article writing and submission are some of the most penetrating aspects of this excellent mode of internet marketing.

Dos and Don’ts of Article Writing 

A significant step in this regard would be to take care of certain do’s and don’ts while coming out with a scintillating content. Below are mentioned few of those:
  1. It is highly suggestive to make the content more informational rather than promotional.
  2. Make sure not to include the name of your client, his website or company name anywhere in between the article. 
  3. Write the entire topic in general without pin-pointing the promoter’s name or place.
  4. Draft out a neat copy, free of grammatical errors in its entirety.
  5. Try to prove your point in as simple and concise words and sentences as possible.
  6. Your paragraphs should be neither too short nor too long, keep them crisp and simple with at most 4-5 lines.

Quality Tips for Submission

Overtly, article submission looks like a cakewalk but believe me, there is nothing like that. You need to be highly precise while ensuring successful submission. Here are some vital tips:
  1. Include the website link in the resource box rather than providing it in the content.
  2. Make sure to provide some specific tags or keywords that could be helpful for the readers to find you out during their searches on the major search engines.
  3. If you have an online presence such as accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or some other similar social networking sites, it would be good to mention your profile’s link just to let the readers know some more about you.
  4. In sync with the above point, If you can upload a photo of yours or a video that could speak out more about your profile and your field of expertise, it would be a plus.
  5. And yes, do not forget to write few lines about yourself to give your profile the finishing touches. It would be even better if you can include some specific keywords related to the field in which you have most of your written work.

Article Submission sites

If so far I have managed to be your source of inspiration, then I would like to inspire you even further by providing some of the most renowned article submission sites. You can leverage one or more of these sites to add wings to your article marketing campaign. The sites thus include Ezinearticles, Buzzle, Hubpages, Ehow, Articlealley, Articlesnatch, Ezinemark, ArticleRich and many more.