The Everlasting Bond between Youths and Social Media

social media
In the recent times, much has been discussed about the role of social media. It has undoubtedly hypnotized the youths of today to dance to its tunes and is indeed quite a debatable topic. However, before going in depths, it is important to know what exactly this sensational phenomenon is and how does it affects today's young generation.

What is Social Media?

social media
In layman language, it is a simple way to communicate with people of your acquaintance sitting at some other location, through interactive dialogue sessions. To utilize the services of this vibrant advancement, you would require a computer or cell phone duly equipped with internet and browsing capabilities.

How does it connects to the youths of today?

social media
The desire to know the unknown is best found in the younger ones rather than in the grown up fellows, the story in the case of social media is no different. This recent technological enhancement has drawn the attention of millions of inquisitive adolescent brains all across the globe; thanks to an ocean of interactive online application facilities they get through myriad web portals.

Types of social media websites

social media
Umpteen social media websites find their religious use by young generation of the contemporary times that have been categorized into social bookmarking, social news and social networking sites. Of all these three, the one that has received the bulk of head turning response is the category of social networking sites, which is all encrusted with big names of the likes of Twitter, Myspace, Orkut and hi5. But ahead of all of them, Facebook rules the roost.

Pros and cons of social media

social media
Technology is always introduced for the betterment of mankind and the same holds true for social media. It accompanies unaccountable benefits for today's youths and plays a quintessential role in imparting the desired information to the enthusiastic users in merely fraction of seconds. However, anything in excess could prove to be detrimental and this latest technological prodigy is also not kept bereft of such an ecumenical fact. Considering all such points, some of the pros and cons of social media for youths are mentioned below:

Positive Pros:

1. Introduction to interactive educational modes such as online assignments
social media
2. Opportunity to get in touch with the subject matter experts
3. Relevant online forums to know about various courses or job prospects
4. Rapid and persistent interaction with friends and family
5. Chance to get aware of the latest happenings in and around the world by making only few clicks

Not so constructive Cons:
social media
1. Youths spend most of the time online and give lesser time to their dear ones in person.
2. They usually get involved in text, voice or video chatting with unknown people that could be at times dangerous.
3. Chances of hacking can also be not ruled out if they get in touch with some antisocial element online.
4. Excessive exposure to online pornographic material is also a possibility that could pose bad affect on their overall personality.
5. Some of the social media sites may be fraudulent that only intend to utilize personal information of the users for their unscrupulous benefits.


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