Brief Insight into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
There are many ways through you which you can capitalize over your monetary gains via internet; affiliate marketing is one of them. It is the branch of online marketing in which you promote someone else’s product on your own website or blog. In exchange, you are paid depending on your performance in alluring the customers toward the concerned business. So just relax and try to digest this short blog post with a cup of tea. You are more likely to get hypnotized by this internet marketing idea by the last line.

Lets Dive Deeper!

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a kind of business that spreads with affiliations, come on! Don’t ask why, it is obvious with the name itself. Now, since you are posting the advertisement on your online site, you become an affiliate (or publisher) and get entitled to receive a respectable amount, just to trouble your bank account a little bit. But you are not alone in the game; network, brand, and customers are the other participants to accompany you.
The network is an important participant as it provides the brand and the affiliate, a common platform and earn in their own distinctive manner.While the manufacturer gets a podium to showcase its product amid masses, the affiliates get multiple choices among which they can opt for one or more brands that they think could benefit them the most in terms of money. After all, the whole world is after it! As you can grasp by now, customers are the end users that click the ads, go through it, and decide whether or not to order the same.


Affiliate Marketing
Suppose you own a medicine related website or blog and have agreed to be an affiliate of a particular medicine brand. You post its ad on your portal and if someone orders the drug through your source, then it may well get your cash registers ringing. Considering the viral nature of this marketing mode, businesses from major walks of life, prefer it over other modes, with products comprising the likes of music albums, clothing, electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances, gift items blah! Blah!, doing rounds now and then.

Compensation modes
Affiliate Marketing

Going in detail about how you will get your money would take lot of time and space so I would better mention them point wise. Hopefully, we can discuss them in entirety in future posts.  

  1. Pay Per Sale or Revenue Sharing - 80% users
  2. Cost Per Action - 19% users
  3. Cost Per Mile (mile as in 1000 views) + Cost Per Click -Remaining 1% users

The Cons

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and the same goes with Affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing
It is not always that you would gain with it as an affiliate or a consumer; impostors may tend you to lose significant data as well. Malicious modes such as spam, adware, forced clicks, false advertising are all there to attack you in the disguise of this otherwise profitable form of marketing. So be careful while you use it, how? Make sure that you know the brand very well and verify the source of the manufacturer or the publisher. Use of apt antivirus is another feasible option in this regard. See you!