Comical My Choice Ad by Amul Imitates Deepika Padukone

The Creative One

The controversial Deepika Padukone’s ‘My Choice’ video promoting women empowerment has created quite a buzz since its revelation.  The bold content of the video has received mixed reviews from all the society circuits. 

Even it has become a debatable topic among the Twitteratis. Now someone has taken a cue from the original #VOGUEEMPOWER video in the most humorous way possible.

Amul, the Gujrat based internationally acclaimed dairy brand has been quick enough to promote its own age old Amul's Utterly Butterly Delicious ‘Butter’ on the lines of the My Choice video.

The Original One

The funny ad shows a girl in the dark background with her hair scattered all over, just like Deepika’s in the original one. The USP of the advertisement is its hilarious punch lines, which say:


To use a butter knife Or use my finger"

Living up to the reputation, Amul has yet again proved its point. Its way of endorsing its product while taking a dig on the latest scoops through creative poster and print ads is commendable. Kudos to the Concept team behind such rib-tickling creations! 


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